Will there be loans at a low interest rate soon?

E-Money-Bank has been a popular point of contact, especially for home builders, for many years, since under certain conditions very low-interest loans can be raised there.

In addition, grants and subsidies are provided in part, so that E-Money loans are generally regarded as extremely attractive. Now makes a message the round, which looks like an icing for credit seekers: Apparently, is planned by the E-Money or it is at least thought about giving loans in the future to negative interest rates.

Builders and property owners can definitely be happy

Builders and property owners can definitely be happy

They assume that the announcement that E-Money is considering granting loans at negative interest rates in the future is actually correct in the form. However, if you take a closer look at the discussion, it quickly becomes clear that it is not likely to be about E-Money loans to builders and property owners.

Instead, E-Money is apparently considering, in particular, granting loans with negative interest rates to commercial banks. Affected by this would be in this form, especially short-term loans, which also confirmed the E-Money CEO Ulrich Schröder at a press conference. At the same time, however, said that there are major discussions in the Board, whether even loans with negative interest rates should be placed on the market.

Negative interest rates are unlikely for the end customer

Negative interest rates are unlikely for the end customer

That negative interest for the end customer, so for example the home builder, actually come, E-Money CEO Ulrich Schröder considers extremely unlikely. This would be above all the fact that the respective house bank of the loan seeker, which also makes the disbursement of the E-Money loan, usually calculates a margin on the interest rate to be paid.

This would mean that even if E-Money forgives the loan at zero percent interest or negative interest rates, the premium would ensure that the end customer ultimately has to pay a low interest rate. In addition, Schröder also took the position that there would be no change in the future in that E-Money Bank would grant direct loans to customers in the future.

Instead, it remains with the previous transit principle


So that the loans are ultimately paid by the respective house bank of the loan seeker, which cooperates with E-Money. Incidentally, E-Money itself currently benefits despite very low lending rates, which is attributable in particular to the greater gap between lending interest and refinancing costs. For this reason too, the state development bank was able to increase its net profit in 2015 to over two billion euros.

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