The first car purchase you need to know when buying a car

Of course, this event cannot be overlooked, but it is immediately followed by the next step, the selection and purchase of the first machine . But how do you buy a car and choose one so you can only have a positive driving experience later on?

Japanese, Germans, Koreans…

Japanese, Germans, Koreans…

Understandably, we each have our own “dream car”. For someone it is a pink convertible with soft seats, somebody else dreams of a modern and powerful sports cradle, but for someone else the dream of a trip to the sea with a spectacular off-roader who can beat any sandy mountain. Looking at all these dreams more realistically, a beginner driver will have to put them on the shelf for many more years with all other dreams.

Once you get your driving license, start looking for a car that will provide you with the first experience of driving without difficulty . Once you get enough mileage (after 1-2 years), you’ll be able to replace the “beginner” car with the kind of car you’ve long dreamed of.

What are the criteria for choosing your first car

What are the criteria for choosing your first car

  1. Safety.
  2. Practicality.
  3. Quality.

Many drivers are deeply mistaken in thinking that all cars can be categorized as “good and bad” based solely on their country of production. Thus, in their view, “Germans” are always unique and trustworthy, but “Koreans” can never be properly trusted. However, this is only one of the drivers’ mistakes. In fact, even the same machine model can be successful or not. It all depends on the year of manufacture of the car.

Nowadays there are many forums on the internet where simple car owners and experts share their personal views on this or another car model. You can also find the opinions of experienced drivers who are strongly advised to buy specific make and model cars for their first experience. Car magazines, portals where you can find reviews – all this will be useful as a first aid when choosing the optimal car No.1.

Size doesn’t matter


Even if you are enrolled in one of the best driving schools in Latvia, it will not help you to become a professional driver in a few months. As soon as you leave driving school with a driver’s license and sit behind the wheel of your car, be prepared for surprises on roads you have never encountered before. Bumps and scratches – this is something you will 100% avoid, and in order not to regret the look of your “horse”, it is best to buy an inexpensive used car.

Dimensions – This is what, secondly, needs attention. Firstly, you will not be able to save on fuel at the expense of such a car, secondly, the bulky car is not too comfortable for city trips (especially difficult to park in narrow streets, various maneuvers). If you choose a small car, you will soon find it profitable: in terms of fuel, taxes, insurance and repair costs. For example, a road tax that is payable once a year on a small, light-duty car will cost you just a few tens of euros. The same tax on a non-traveler will cost you hundreds of euros each year. The same goes for changing your car tires.

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