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Its main task was to offer a credit line for the purchase of building materials in partner stores. Later, the company grew more and more overgrown with new partners and customers, leading to the emergence of collateral and cash loans in the product line.

Already in 2008 Nels Leasing was bought by the Swedish company Nargillan S, but in 2009 it was renamed Supermoney. Now the main objective of the credit organization was to offer cash and car loans to individuals and legal entities. Since then, cooperation with borrowers has been realized not only through official Latvian offices, but also through partners offering financial products of the company.

The Supermoney website provides not only descriptions of the loan programs themselves, but also a whole section with offers of goods and services that can be purchased at promotional prices or discounts by applying for financial assistance at Supermoney.

Among the construction shops and car dealerships you can find children’s products, travel deals, electronics and home appliances, furniture and home goods, medical goods and services, sports equipment, musical instruments and many more interesting categories that are constantly provoking the interest of Supermoney customers.

The main thing

car loan

However, the main activity of Supermoney is focused on offering 3 main financial products to individuals and legal entities:

  1. Car loan: from 700 to 15000 dollars for 3 to 84 months with no down payment and no security. The purchased car is immediately registered in the borrower’s name. Along with the product, the company offers free insurance in the event of a car theft or its total destruction as a result of an accident.
  2. Consumer credit in cash: 70 to 4500 dollars for 3 months up to 3 years. Similarly, with the product, the borrower is entitled to insurance cover in the event of work , incapacity for work, death, accident, short-term disability, long-term illness.
  3. Re-accreditation: 70 to 5000 dollars with repayment term from 3 months to 5 years. Similarly, when applying for a loan, the borrower may insure himself against loss of employment or capacity for work (including temporary loss), death, accident or long-term illness.

VIP customers are entitled to individual credit of between $ 70 and $ 15,000. This amount can be given as a regular consumer loan as well as a car loan with a repayment period of 3-86 months.

Simple and convenient

car loan

The functionality of the website is so convenient that it will not be difficult for the user to get acquainted with Supermoney partners, to see each address and contacts. Likewise, when choosing any of the credit programs, the borrower can use an online calculator that will quickly determine the monthly payment amount for a particular loan amount and its repayment term. Below these numbers is a button for creating a loan repayment schedule that you can easily print.

The company carries out regular promotions and lotteries among its clients. The next prize will be awarded to one of Supermoney customers in honor of the company’s 17th birthday.

The official website contains useful information that allows existing and prospective clients to be aware of changes in the creditor’s business. You can find full information on paid services and sample applications in the “customers” section. It’s even easier to find out about Supermoney news on FB’s profile.

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